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Southwell Liberal Democrats

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Southwell's town environment notes 12 April

April 19, 2021 10:30 AM

Open Spaces

Mowing has now commenced using the 66" rotary Kubota. The mowing schedule was agreed earlier and we will review this later this year. Signs indicating the 'meadow' area have been in place. We will be placing similar notices in Froggatt's Field; there will be a number of mown paths across the dog playing area, but the rest will be left as unmown, although the likelihood of being able to be cut and sold for hay is remote due to the dog activity. We are considering the reintroduction of the gang mower already owned by STC and stored locally. To use it we will have to purchase an old yard tractor to be fuelled by Hydrated Vegetable Oil [HVO] and garaged next to the current workshop as there is limited room in the current workshop where more valuable equipment must be stored.


We await the result of the professional inspection and quotation for the pothole repairs in the car par. The Toddler play area is being well used. As a consequence we have received requests to reopen the adjacent toilets; they will be opened at 09h30 to 15h00 [except Wed at 13h30] from now on. Lucy will resume the cleaning of the toilet, with a reduction in the four times daily cleaning of the Church St toilets to twice a day.

The brick that was displaced in early storms on the Cemetery Bridge [on the south upstream side] appears to be stable but we plan to repair it before the next winter storms.

The fencing to the north east of Squires Pond will be made safe, but there are plans being developed for the area, in conjunction with Notts Wildlife Trust, that will be circulated soon, so a full replacement not be proposed until this paper is available

Minster and Harvey's Fields

Following the paper on our use of weedkiller rather than strimming, and your positive comments, we plan to introduce this, and notices on where weedkilling and experimental 'no weedkilling' are taking place will be developed, and installed.


Martin is still waiting the STW's method statement, so work is still outstanding. Mowing will take place but after STW have completed their work we are looking to develop alternative walkway paths through the very muddy area next to the pipe. We are considering one path adjacent tot he river if the STW's reconstruction makes this possible and another path to the south side on the high land next to the Chatham St's houses back fence. This will not require any tree removal and the path has been mapped out by staff for completion in the autumn.

Skate Park

Unfortunately, there have been further problems following N&SDC's repair of the half-pipe, as the new surface boards appears to be lifting now. They are returning to identify the problem and I will report back. We are in conversation with another local Parish Council who constructed a concrete half pipe to identify whether this is a route to be explored for the town.

Town Centre


It is sad to report that the Ladies toilets are being abused, and the cleaner has had a very difficult time, clearing really horrible misuse. She has closed the toilets to clean them, and then had further abuse from people wanting to come in to use them despite clear notices pointing out that they are being cleaned, and that the disabled persons toilet could be opened and used for an urgent case. We are making signs for alternative toilets that are available whilst hospitality venues are closed will be placed next to the toilet entrances. It would be very helpful if any abuse that is seen can be reported to the office.

Flags and Baskets

We are considering our audit of the street furniture in the town, as the NCC do not have a list of their equipment or its past painting programme. We anticipate the resumption of the painting programme of furniture on STC's land in a few week's time. The Market Square Working Group has met a couple of times and their plans will be circulated soon, as the town begins to reopen. There are two banners reaffirming the reopening being placed on the Burgage and the barriers at Nottingham Road.

Saracen's Head and Methodist Chapel Car Park

The Easement application is being completed with the evidential base being developed; it will cost £20 to lodge it with the Land Registry.

Bramley Car Park

The Electric Vehicle charging points are being installed April 13-14 and the car parking spaces on the north side will be closed for the work to take place. The reconstruction of the wall knocked down by a hit-and-run driver is being quoted for but is coned off for safety.

Peter Harris April 9 2021

Chair Town Environment Committee